SmartWhois® Tutorial
    Domains and IP Addresses Demystified

Data Mining

Learning More Using SmartWhois as a Starting Point

SmartWhois is a great starting point for an online investigation. When you know the IP address or domain name that you want to learn more about, you can use SmartWhois for data mining. Select any part of the text in the right pane, right-click and use the Search command to search for the selected text using several search engines.

Searching from SmartWhois

Examples? Sure! The "" domain is registered by "John Doe, Ltd."? Fine, let's see what Altavista knows about John Doe, Ltd. You have received an e-mail sent from Great, let's use Google to see what traces were left by that IP address on the Internet. Well, it's not something you can't do on your own using copy & paste commands, but it makes life easier. And you can configure this command to use any search engine.

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